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Commercial Window Cleaners – The Ladder Vs The Water Fed Pole


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As unsurprising as it is, the job of a Window Cleaner isn’t a safe one! In a world of health and safety experts constantly trying to improve our day-to-day welfare, our trusty cleaners of windows are risking an awful lot to give us the streak-free shine that we are always pining for.

The Statistics:

Nobody wants the emotional shock and turmoil of witnessing your window cleaner fall and hurt themselves – however minor their injuries. Shockingly between two and seven window cleaners actually die per year and many, many more suffer accidents ranging from the major injuries to minor accidents which still keep them off work.

Although these accidents are mostly caused by pure accidents and human error, and not the product itself, it goes without saying that if there is a better, safer way to work then we want to know about it!

Let the Battle Commence:

Introducing the water fed pole! Now you windows can get that expert shine with your Window Cleaners feet planted firmly on the ground.

The Benefits:

These precious gifts from the gods takes advantage of a new water technology that gives an excellent clean without leaving a soapy residue and can reach up to 20 feet! Pure water is fed through the broom handle tubes and sprayed straight onto the window. Because there are no added chemicals (like soap and the like), your windows will dry leaving a streak-free shine to be proud of.

There is a great blog on SJ Cleaning that highlights the benefits of water fed poles. They include interesting information such as the fact that it cleans PCV windows, glass roofs and panelling amongst others and is environmentally friendly. Check out the full list of benefits here.

The Disadvantages

It seems to us that anything that increases the safety of your commercial window cleaner is worth any negative; of which there doesn’t seem to be many when it comes to the water fed pole. There will always be debates to support the more traditional approach but, from what we have found, the negatives mainly revolve around things that would rival even the trusty ladder. Issues such as recently replaced windows with plaster residue etc being left that needs a different specialist to resolve. In the interest of balance here are some of the disadvantages we found that can be compared to their advantages listed just above.